Skydrive Image Program

Today’s modern auto dealerships are not only buildings to house cars, they are extensions of automobiles themselves. Auto dealerships must have visually stunning curb appeal that mirrors the smooth sleek lines of the automobiles they showcase. The use of high-end architectural coatings and complex cladding systems often blur the lines between the automobiles themselves and the buildings. Skyline Sheet Metal is at the forefront of revamping auto dealerships. With four proprietary Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) cladding systems and a strategic alliance with material suppliers, Skyline Sheet Metal is poised to be a leading auto dealership cladding solution provider.


Metal Panel systems that meet Image Program Specifications for quality, type and finish.


Most new Image programs include some type of Icon, Portal or Entry Tower. Skyline can fabricate this entire assembly off site at our production facility.  We then can work with your schedule to determine the best time to deliver and erect with the least amount of business and traffic disruption. These elements usually take about a day to install on site.     


Budget Pricing Assistance: Skyline can work with your Contractor, Architect or directly with you to help budget your new image program cladding solution. We can give you real world analysis on fabrication and installation costs in our local market.

Local System Fabrication: Skyline fabricates all of our own panel systems in Troutdale, Oregon, thus reducing the cost of material transportation significantly. This cost savings is transferred directly to you, the Dealer owner. Utilizing Skyline, as a local experienced Auto Dealership Image Program specialist, will reduce your project duration by a minimum of 4 weeks. The less time your facility is tied up with construction fences and caution tape the quicker you can get back to doing what you do best. Don’t give your customers a reason to keep driving to the next dealer down the road because your facility is a hassle to get in and around.


Construction Management Services: Skyline has the infrastructure to be able to handle any part of of your Image program renovation. We can work out a mutually agreeable fee structure to project manage your entire project or just the exterior cladding. Our main objective is to lessen the burden of a major remodel on your business.



40 Completed Dealer image program projects: Our experience with dealer image programs has given Skyline an understanding of how burdensome these can be on your business. We can help reduce this by providing you a superior product at a competitive price with a quick turnaround.

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