Metal Wall Cladding

Aluminum and sheet steel are durable colorfast cladding solutions. Skyline promotes the Rainscreen Principle on all applicable projects and offers a variety of metal wall cladding systems. 20-year factory paint warranties back Skyline installs.

In addition to sheet steel and aluminum, Skyline incorporates Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) into our proprietary panel systems. ACM is produced by bonding two thin sheets of aluminum on either side of an extruded thermoplastic core under tension. Surfaces are pre-finished and coil-coated in a variety of paint finished before bonding. ACM offers the following:

  • Rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal in a lightweight aluminum-faced composite material
  • Superior flatness, vibration dampening, durability and ease of maintenance
  • An alternative solution to sheet metal or heavy gauge plate for wall panels systems
  • Fabrication in a variety of types of panel systems
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